Mini-Program is small applications that work with WeChat ecosystem only. When they were first launched they were technically more basic than a standard native APP. However, now in 2018, since Tencent opened more APIs for developers, they are now quite similar to a native APP in terms of their complexity.

When you use Mini Programs, the function quite like normal mobile phone apps. Tencent refers to it as “Mini Programs” due to a dispute with Apple over the use of the term “app”.

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Benefits Of Wechat Mini Program:

Huge User Group

As of 2018 Tencent's WeChat had 1,040 million monthly active users. This is a relatively huge users group for company tap into wechat for offering all kind of services and products.

Better User Engagement

Wechat mini program allows sending the notification directly and instantly to the user, there it provides better user engagement experience. The mini-program also helps to save cost for employee answering the phone call.

Mini Program is Easy to Operate

Based on the name chosen as “Mini Program”, the initial objective is to build mini-program within Wechat ecosystem to attract more active users. However, due the simplicity and ease-of-use of the mini-program, more and more users are frequently using mini program for various transaction starting from utility payment, e-commerce mall, and countless mini program.

I Assist - mlm system solution products - Benefits Of Wechat Mini Program

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