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We offer our client the flexibility and scalability required to meet the growing demand of their business needs. Our clients can choose to enhance or upgrade their business solutions according to their unique business requirements as their companies grow.

I Assist - mlm system solution products - AssistNet Software

1. AssistNet Software

The second generation of AssistNet's system solutions is developed using Microsoft Visual Studio development tools since 2005 and continue to be enhanced with the latest technology.

With AssistNet, you gain access to a unified and cost-effective platform that empowers your company to achieve higher productivity levels.

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2. Compensation Plan Advisory

Regardless the scale of your new start-up MLM/Network Marketing company, the commission scheme or marketing plan is the core and most important aspects of a network marketing/ MLM opportunity is the compensation plan.

Basically based on our years of experience, a good compensation plan or marketing plan should address or target three groups of people: Consumer Group , Retailing Group and Networker .

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I Assist - mlm system solution products - Compensation Plan Advisory
I Assist - mlm system solution products - Business Continuity Promotion and Campaign

3. Business Continuity Promotion and Campaign

To compete and sustain in the business, the company need to plan promotion and campaign ahead from time-to-time as sales booster.

The promotion and campaign can be various depending on the company business objective.

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4. Mobile Application (APP)

Mobile applications basically is an extension of PC application. However, Apps are generally less complicated as PC application such as UI, coding design and function is limited too. And App is reliant on Internet to extract data form the Web Server.

The revolution of App is started by Apple Inc. and its App Store, which offers thousands of applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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I Assist - mlm system solution products - Mobile Application
I Assist - mlm system solution products - Wechat Mini Program

5. Wechat Mini Program

Mini-Program is small applications that work with WeChat ecosystem only. Tencent opened more APIs for developers, they are now quite similar to a native APP in terms of their complexity.

When you use Mini Programs, the function quite like normal mobile phone apps. Tencent refers to it as “Mini Programs” due to a dispute with Apple over the use of the term “app”.

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What We Do?

I Assist is a leading software developer for Network Marketing Industries or Multilevel Marketing (MLM) since 2000. We offer corporate MLM software for any types and size of companies. Our current software users are from all over Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and India. Integrated with technology partners such as Microsoft, Crystal Decisions and more. We build and deliver MLM software based on client compensation plan or MLM plan to fulfil any of our Clients specific software needs within their budget.

I Assist - mlm system solution products - What We Do

Whether your company is just getting started MLM company or has been operating for years, our MLM/Network Marketing software, Direct Sales software solutions is able provide you with the required features and performance needed for your company success and propel The primary objective of I Assist's MLM software architecture design:


Customer no need to worry the system will crashed when the business is expanding phenomenon growth beyond their expectation.


Whether you are starting your MLM company/business in small or large scale, AssistNet is ready to cater for your current needs and future expansion. No need to purchase a new software. A huge saving for the company.

Ease of use

Based on I Assist's 23 years experience is providing and developing MLM software, we understand that the software interface must be easy to use and understand. A complicated software interface design will caused customer to spend more time and money in order for users to learn and understand the system.

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