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MLM Solution - Experience


You are not only getting the software, but also I Assist's more than 23 years (since 2000) of experience in the MLM industry. This will help minimize any risk that may affect your company.

MLM Solution - Proven Product

Proven Product

Developed since 2005, "AssistNet" is being used by more than 100 MLM companies.

MLM Solution - Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

We always deliver our services and software on time as per customer request. We don't want our customer to pay money and get trouble in return.

MLM Solution - A Rational Investment

A Rational Investment

The investment you pay for I Assist is far below what other competitors are offering with the same services and features.

I Assist - team workd

Who We Are

I Assist was founded in the year of 2001. And our core business is customized MLM Management Software. The MLM Software was developed in-house starting from zero. The product name is called “AssistNet”. Meaning assists network. Assistnet MLM Software Solutions can be customized for any size of MLM / Network Marketing Company regardless is a new or existing company.

More About Us

What We Do

Our clients can choose to enhance or upgrade their business solutions according to their unique business requirements as their companies grow.

  • AssistNet Software
  • Compensation Plan Advisory
  • Business Continuity Promotion and Campaign
  • Mobile Application (APP)
  • Wechat Mini Program
More About Our Product
I Assist - What We Do

Software Module

I Assist Product - WeChat

Wechat Program

Member Backoffice

I Assist Product - Mobile App


Member Backoffice

I Assist Product - Web - Member


Member Backoffice

I Assist Product - Web - Admin


Admin Backoffice

Assistnet Core Architecture Design:


Customer no need to worry the system will crashed when the business is expanding phenomenon growth beyond their expectation.


Whether you are starting your MLM company/business in small or large scale, AssistNet is ready to cater for your current needs and future expansion. No need to purchase a new software. A huge saving for the company.

Ease of use

Based on I Assist's 23 years experience is providing and developing MLM software, we understand that the software interface must be easy to use and understand. A complicated software interface design will caused customer to spend more time and money in order for users to learn and understand the system.

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